Trick or Trick: A Daily Post Sonnet


Trick or Trick

The simplicity of it convinced Sarn
that Miren’s plan was sound. The trick appealed
to his sense of justice and what a yarn
it’d make if they could pull it off. Afield
he searched for leaves of three. That poison ivy
which Nolo had warned him never to touch.
He gave his babysitters a lively
chase. Dashing back to the barracks, prize clutched
in gloved hands, he rushed to rub the leaves’ itch
on the beds of his tormentors. Task done,
Sarn ran back to the minders that he’d ditched
to pretend he hadn’t left. That night begun
with two bros fighting laughs; they’d hid their stash,
in case their foes needed another rash.

~ ~ ~

This event takes place 4 years before the opening of the Curse Breaker Saga when Sarn (then 16) and his brother Miren (then 10) lived briefly in the barracks with the single male Rangers because they had no where else to live. A dozen men ranging in age from late 20s to early 40s didn’t like sharing their already cramped quarters with a teenage freak and his kid brother. Their stay in the barracks lasted long enough for Sarn to heal up, get legal custody of his brother and find somewhere else for them both to live, even if that meant moving down into the subterranean slums.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trick or Trick.”

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