Pumpkin faces blazing, death surrounded,
their bright unbroken circle holding tight
‘gainst that specter’s might. Death’s skull face shrouded,
his bones gleaming white on that hallowed night.
Pumpkin faces blazing, windows alight,
welcoming trick or treaters young and old,
offering leave-stuffed frights and sweet delights
on lawns where costumed scarecrows , their court hold.
Death’s skeletal face leers from masks all night.
Kids running with gleaming scythes, wear his face.
Ghosts prance past plastic graves, their sheets a sight.
Devils seek to win the great candy race.
Another Halloween draws to a close
Leaving all in a candy comatose.

~ ~ ~

Happy Halloween.

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    1. haha…perhaps when the neighbors get nosy you should threaten to take photos of them and tell them you are keeping files on them 😀

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