Curse Breaker: Enchanted

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Sarn patrols the enchanted forest with the Rangers and deals with its magical weirdness. A weirdness that just might cost his sanity as events shake the foundations of what he has always believed about the forest… Continue reading Curse Breaker: Enchanted

Blindly Seeking | Curse Breaker

Curse Breaker | Blindly Seeking   One day Sarn would discover what had happened to the Litherians. The answer lay hidden in the depths of their last public work–Mount Eredren. He’d find it even if he had to delve down into the very roots of it. But not tonight. No tonight he had to earn his bread, his bed and his brother’s education. The passage ended right where Sarn’s mental map said it would. He strode into a wider passage bisected by an arcade. Sunlight reached out and touched a warm finger to the tip of his nose and tempted him … Continue reading Blindly Seeking | Curse Breaker

Indentured | Curse Breaker

Indentured–one word with three syllables, in its meaning is found a lifetime’s worth of complexity, incalculable problems that his signature, an X, birthed. Yet fly to work he does for his master’s waiting and Sarn’s running, chasing the bells that chime the hours; yes run slave, run faster! Mount Erendren’s bells wait for none to knell, tell that day has ended for some, not you. Night’s rising, moon’s winging o’er Shayari and the Enchanted forest’s restless too. Quick, smart trees, all a-glow, need you to see what their daytime sport, that tends to distort, did to folks, who came ‘neath trees to disport. … Continue reading Indentured | Curse Breaker

When Worlds Collide…


You’re sitting in a meeting about Pointless Project Three again. Outside the glass walls of the conference room, clouds drift over the Long Island Sound. Cars drive the street that parallels your office building. Gouts of water erupt from the fire department next door as they begin testing their hoses. Their spray arcs across the street perpendicular to both buildings soaking an apartment build’s brick facade. College students scuttle about dodging the spray on their way to class.

Your boss drones on about how Program A connects to Program B. He then gets lost in an excursis on Really Tiny Detail C which has nothing to do with Pointless Project Three. The AC clicks on and attempts to freeze you solid. Everyone’s staring out the windows or at their hands in their laps hiding smartphone displays.

Then a guy with a long sword walks in, armor sparkling in that one sunbeam that dared to pierce the conference room…
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