Blindly Seeking | Curse Breaker

Curse Breaker | Blindly Seeking

One day Sarn would discover what had happened to the Litherians. The answer lay hidden in the depths of their last public work–Mount Eredren. He’d find it even if he had to delve down into the very roots of it. But not tonight. No tonight he had to earn his bread, his bed and his brother’s education.

The passage ended right where Sarn’s mental map said it would. He strode into a wider passage bisected by an arcade. Sunlight reached out and touched a warm finger to the tip of his nose and tempted him to open his eyes. He’d left the crowd behind but was it safe? He hesitated and then did as the sun beckoned him to do. He opened his eyes. Green radiance spilled out in a flood that the sunlight enfolded within itself. No one screamed and after a moment more, he unfroze himself and got moving.   

Footsteps not his own made him dart behind a huge statue of a rearing horse. He squeezed his eyes closed and waited for the person to pass by. Whistling now, the man continued along the arcade…

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After an enchanted tree abducts Sarn, he’s thrust into a mystery revolving around a double homicide. Can Sarn protect his son, keep his masters happy and help the dead boy haunting him?

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    1. Ran is definitey in here. Don’t you worry about that! This takes place maybe 4 months before the Christmas story. You’ll see plenty of Ran when Sarn isn’t working because that’s who he spends all his time with. 😀

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