Curse Breaker | Kidnapped

Curse Breaker | Kidnapped More shouts interrupted by tearing, scraping and the grating of sandpaper as something not human dragged Sarn into the forest. He ran his fingers along the grooves of the thing manacling his arm as he tried to figure out what had seized him. His fingers encountered tree bark and that made no sense. Why would a tree abduct him? It had never done that before. Why would it need to start now? What the hell was going on?   “Let go of me!” Sarn hammered the heel of his hand against whatever part of the tree that … Continue reading Curse Breaker | Kidnapped

Interrogation | Curse Breaker

Interrogation | Curse Breaker “Who did this to you?” Gregori demanded with more menace. Sarn pushed to his feet, arms crossing under his cloak intent on pacing. Gregori gave him space but begrudged him every inch of it. What to say? Tell Gregori that a bunch of idiots had jumped him? As if that would help his situation any. Explain that the tight confines of the tunnel had left no room to maneuver? Why bother when anything he said would sound like an excuse. No one ever believed him. Sarn regarded his fists that bore not a single scratch because … Continue reading Interrogation | Curse Breaker

Blindly Seeking | Curse Breaker

Curse Breaker | Blindly Seeking One day Sarn would discover what had happened to the Litherians. The answer lay hidden in the depths of their last public work–Mount Eredren. He’d find it even if he had to delve down into the very roots of it. But not tonight. No tonight he had to earn his bread, his bed and his brother’s education. The passage ended right where Sarn’s mental map said it would. He strode into a wider passage bisected by an arcade. Sunlight reached out and touched a warm finger to the tip of his nose and tempted him to … Continue reading Blindly Seeking | Curse Breaker

Indentured | Curse Breaker

Indentured–one word with three syllables, in its meaning is found a lifetime’s worth of complexity, incalculable problems that his signature, an X, birthed. Yet fly to work he does for his master’s waiting and Sarn’s running, chasing the bells that chime the hours; yes run slave, run faster! Mount Erendren’s bells wait for none to knell, tell that day has ended for some, not you. Night’s rising, moon’s winging o’er Shayari and the Enchanted forest’s restless too. Quick, smart trees, all a-glow, need you to see what their daytime sport, that tends to distort, did to folks, who came ‘neath trees to disport. … Continue reading Indentured | Curse Breaker

Little Christmas

Little Christmas (Picks up where The Holy and the Lowly left off) Ran awoke to familiar surroundings but his stuffed companion had gotten lost. Searching the room he shared with his sleeping Papa turned up no button eyed bear tossed aside when had adventure spirited Ran and his Papa to follow a star. Inari slept ‘neath a shawl she’d knitted She stirred at his approach, smiled like a star. “Where’s bear?” he asked anxious to find his friend and tell his Christmas tale to those stuffed ears. “Maybe in here, let’s look,” she extended a box, bow-topped, wrapped in star’s shine and tears. Ran opened … Continue reading Little Christmas

The Holy and Lowly

The Holy and the Lowly (Picks up where Sons and Holy Ones left off) After their talk, Sarn had a better grasp of things; Ran was safe inside the stable. So he walked and wondered until a rasp drew his eye to the Savior’s slim, sable bearded step-father; out of wedlock’s born a Holy Infant, a bastard like Sarn’s son and Sarn himself and that made Sarn less torn up about his family and his son. The Holy Family was as broken as his own but united by love’s bonds. That was what mattered; all else were tokens of public goodwill without love to bond. … Continue reading The Holy and Lowly

Sons and Holy Ones

Sons and Holy Ones (Picks up where May Angels Lead You In left off) Ran managed to give his Papa the slip. Let Papa talk adult things with the blessed. Ran approached the reason for this long trip. The baby watched him with dark eyes that guessed his intention and held out a hand so small, which Ran gently squeezed, smiling the babe’s smile. Starlight enfolded them; when it left, all had changed; Ran and the baby had grown, while time stood still, so they might talk together. “You’re the saviour,” Ran said in Papa’s voice. “Yes, storms come, you’ll need blessings … Continue reading Sons and Holy Ones

May Angels Lead You In

May Angels Lead You In Stars and angels sing a brand new year their songs bring– light and love, they sing. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~ ~ They sing love and light, to create a new year bright with hope in your sights. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~~ May your hope burn bright, your heart sing of starlit nights and love on the wing. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~~ and should life be done may angels bear you hence to the Holy One. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you … Continue reading May Angels Lead You In

Stars and Angels Sing

Stars and Angels Sing (Picks up where Follow Yonder Star left off) Her time almost done, Leesha watched the star wandering in the sky by day and night. Not even the sun’s light could hide that star. It shone with a power beyond her sight. “Still no room at the inn?” she watched the babe sleep in the manger after his mother scrubbed it; some care creased his brow, this sweet babe. At her touch, the baby smiled, his mother sat near, shook her head, took Leesha’s hand, squeezed it, lending strength to keep her anchored there. Something she discerned in … Continue reading Stars and Angels Sing

Follow Yonder Star

Follow Yonder Star (Picks up where Magicians and Magi left off) Sarn woke to a strange sight; camels processed under a sky dominated by light from a huge star that westward proceeded. The caravan followed its royal light. “The star guides us,” Ran said from his place camel- back, perched on a pile of gifts, carefully wrapped. “Who’re they?” Sarn asked as dunes passed untrammeled by moor or mount, field or fountain; untapped, its power pooled; he felt it even mounted; that was a wonder ’cause no beast would bear him ‘cept this camel; Ran jumped onto Sarn’s mount. Caught by magic and arms, … Continue reading Follow Yonder Star

Fright Night – A Daily Post Sonnet

Fright Night Dead hands claw at earth’s oppression, shove dirt from bodies rotted to bone, levered the remnants of their forgotten spirits up from yawning graves that death delivered. Far this cemetery’s blight, all’s cracked and broken in the world, ’cause balance is broken, life’s wheel is smashed, nature is backed in a corner, cowering at the crisis. ‘Till the Guardians ride, their swords raised high, their helms agleam in fading starlight, their armor bright in lines they stand, face the eye of death they do and vanquish its corpse there at the cemetery gates. To their graves the dead do flow, for the … Continue reading Fright Night – A Daily Post Sonnet