Curse Breaker | Kidnapped

Curse Breaker | Kidnapped

More shouts interrupted by tearing, scraping and the grating of sandpaper as something not human dragged Sarn into the forest. He ran his fingers along the grooves of the thing manacling his arm as he tried to figure out what had seized him. His fingers encountered tree bark and that made no sense. Why would a tree abduct him? It had never done that before. Why would it need to start now? What the hell was going on?  

“Let go of me!”

Sarn hammered the heel of his hand against whatever part of the tree that had clamped itself around his middle. It didn’t release him; it just kept dragging him towards who knew what for an unknown purpose.

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After an enchanted tree abducts Sarn, he’s thrust into a mystery revolving around a double homicide. Can Sarn protect his son, keep his masters happy and help the dead boy haunting him?

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Today, two years ago was the last time I saw or spoke to my sister. I was rewriting the opening chapters of Curse Breaker: Enchanted and its two sequels when she died hence the posts. Her last words to me were a heartfelt plea that I write all my stories and publish them. I promised her that and she left.

I didn’t know then that she would be dead in five days. I didn’t know those would be the last words we’d ever speak to each other. I didn’t know that was the last time I would ever see her face to face.

For my sister:

A promise given–
I thought I’d see you again,
That promise said not.

Did you know you’d die?
Today’s the last time we talked.
Five days ‘fore you died.

A promise given–
I tell stories like you asked.
The stories you loved.

Your promise I’ve kept.
I’ve published one book so far.
Carol, did you know?

~ RIP sis ~

Wish me luck on my annual review! An auspicious day for it, don’t you think?

36 thoughts on “Curse Breaker | Kidnapped

  1. Loving Sarns tale. The trees remind of the Ents in LOTR. Sorry about your sister. Lovely poem to commemorate her passing. I’m glad she told you to write your stories. They are wonderful!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 the funny thing is that I had invented my magical trees before I ever read LoTR. When I read the part with the Ents I was all kinds of excited. My magical trees are very different from Ents but there are some commonalities which I still find cool.

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  2. Her blessed spirit is clearly guiding you to complete her last wish. She left you a great honor by assigning you something that would fulfill so much in your life. I absolutely love the trees. Hugs and warmth to you on this day!

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  3. Fascinating. I wonder what they kidnapping tree was trying to achieve? Maybe they have secrets that they want to share. Good thing that he stood his ground and fought.
    The poem to your sister is so visceral in it’s softness. The death of a loved one is not an easy thing. I am happy that you are writing as she would have loved and her spirit knows this. All the best to you and more grace. Jacqueline

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  4. I am coming to love Sarn more and more, each day I get to watch him. Beautiful, Melinda.

    But, today, he is eclipsed by the memory of the tragic loss of your sister. Sending warm hugs and positive thoughts as you face your annual review.

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  5. First… I love the mystery of Sarn being kidnapped. Like who kidnapped him? Where are the trees’ direction leading him? YAY! I can’t wait for Saturday! 😀

    Second… I am running our of words about your sister. I know you are brave enough to talk about that death, we had one recently, but I think the pain of death will remain. And I feel it through your poem. (Sorry, I am actually crying right now. :() I’ve told you I have no experience with death and dealing with it. That is why I can offer no words… but just warm hugs straight for you. ❤ Yes, she is proud of you. She truly is for sure. 🙂

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