Curse Breaker | Commanded

Curse Breaker | Commanded

“We don’t know if that Kid is a mage,” Jerlo corrected as he appeared between his two officers.

At five foot nothing, the force of Jerlo’s personality took up more space than he did. Right now his formidable glare focused on a man sixteen inches taller than himself. Gregori could bench press one Jerlo in each hand. So whenever the commander scolded Gregori, everyone dropped everything and watched.

“Oh yeah? Then why do his eyes glow all the damned time? That’s a sign of active magic and you know it. Hell it’s even mentioned in the Litany.”

That made it God’s own truth and one that sent a chill down Nolo’s back every time the subject came up. Someone with Sarn’s personality and problems should not possess anything more lethal than a pair of fists. Thank you God that he’s not much a fighter or we’d really be in trouble.

“Stow it. We’re not having this argument here and now. Whether or not that Kid ever does one damned magical thing is not my concern.”

“Then what is? All we do is babysit him.”

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