Flash Fiction Challenge – Zombies vs Healer

   The Necromancer vs the Healer The necromancer raised them row by row, ripped from death’s sleep, the zombies sprang from graves. An army shambles bent on overthrow, its mauve-robed leader can’t ever be saved. Drawn by death’s cold touch and stench of decay, a healer comes with life’s power in his veins. His touch turns zombies to dust, and waylays the necromancer’s plans. No innocents slain, no kingdom overthrown–Necromancer faces Healer, but life always prevails. One touch removes un-life, Necromancer falls, his mauve robes puddle, his bargains fail, for power he swapped salvation, enslaved himself to Death, but he can still be saved. ~ ~ ~ … Continue reading Flash Fiction Challenge – Zombies vs Healer