Flash Fiction Challenge – Zombies vs Healer


The Necromancer vs the Healer

00000446-smallThe necromancer raised them row by row,
ripped from death’s sleep, the zombies sprang from graves.
An army shambles bent on overthrow,
its mauve-robed leader can’t ever be saved.
Drawn by death’s cold touch and stench of decay,
a healer comes with life’s power in his veins.
His touch turns zombies to dust, and waylays
the necromancer’s plans. No innocents slain,
no kingdom overthrown–Necromancer
faces Healer, but life always prevails.
One touch removes un-life, Necromancer
falls, his mauve robes puddle, his bargains fail,
for power he swapped salvation, enslaved
himself to Death, but he can still be saved.

~ ~ ~

Based on a scene in a short story I’m working on, which takes place during the Curse Breaker Saga.

prompted by: Zombie Apocalypse 268 Flash Fiction Challenge and dark | side | thursday

19 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge – Zombies vs Healer

  1. Hi Melinda, we are now compiling all the ZA268 entries. My husband is part of a non-profit literary group here called Literary Antigua, we are hoping to put all the entries into a free publication, for now only on wattpad. We really are hoping to inspire some youth in the literary arts and reading. Would you like to give your permission to have your piece published as part of the anthology? It will be made available free of charge so there is no profit to be had, except in toughing the lives of a some young people.


  2. this is awesome…i am reminded of my first ever zombie movie: Night of the Living Dead…I want his powers so i can turn my zombies to dust

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    1. Thank you! It just worked out that way because of the way healing magic works in my world. It turns healers into epic zombie slayers. They’re rather happy about that considering the constraints they normally have to deal with.

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