Photo-Fiction Challenge #2 – Sharks and Photo Ops

Sharks and Photo Ops

Too easy was our escape; the ship bucked,
pitched and rolled from missile attack. That bitch
gravity gave it a good slap. I tucked
into webs of restraints and had to ditch.
Into the sea I fell with alien friends
and right into a school of sharks because
we just couldn’t catch a break. No bombs to rend
these fishy foes. Nothing to make them pause.
Blood in the water–the frenzy begins.
But I’ve got my smartphone and its flash blinds
first one shark, another. I flash and spin.
But there’s too many and I’m in a bind.
I’m in a shark’s belly now smartphone stick
extended to capture the moment, click…

~ ~ ~

The dramatic escape is chronicled in Texting Zombies and Snark Bombs. Other sonnets featuring aliens, snark bombs and the same running story line include: Trick QuestionsPride, Joy & Alien ArtifactsSnark Bombs, Away!A Comedy of Errors and Snark Bombs.

Prompt courtesy of Photo-Fiction Challenge #2

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