Pic and a Word Challenge – Gateway: Hero’s Bane

Hero’s Bane*

At Hero’s Bane the blood runs cold and stone
walls rise on either side of the defile.
At Hero’s Bane, blood soaks the ground. Forgone
the lives that enter that mountain pass while
an army encamps in the vale below.
Narrow is the way so a few can hold
an army off if courage overflows.
Defend Shayari like heroes of old.
Let none who intend to harm her trespass
upon her emerald mountains or her
enchanted forests, so kill them en mass.
At Hero’s Bane stop the evildoer.
No freedom won without a life riven,
at Hero’s Bane, sacrifice is given.

~ ~ ~

This sonnet is concerned with an event that happened in Shayari’s past that had far-reaching effects that still reverberate centuries later when the Curse Breaker Saga begins…

Prompt courtesy of Pic and a Word Challenge # 11 – Gateway

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