The Seacher: Malenthanren, Dragon of Shayari

The Searcher: Malentharen A dragon sleeps ‘neath Neverthrall’s waters. Shayari’s great lake, that inland sea, makes a perfect place to search for Ironwood’s daughter. White sparkles collect on the dragon’s snake hide, in a cloud those brilliant motes rise, breach the lake’s surface and like a star shot, streak ‘cross the sky. Over Ironwood Keep to reach the lost daughter of a cursed line whose loss could snap the world in two. Thus he sends his consciousness roaming, past villages who take no fright at his star overhead, flying day or night to eat the mileage. Eventually the country he … Continue reading The Seacher: Malenthanren, Dragon of Shayari

Pic and a Word Challenge – Gateway: Hero’s Bane

Hero’s Bane* At Hero’s Bane the blood runs cold and stone walls rise on either side of the defile. At Hero’s Bane, blood soaks the ground. Forgone the lives that enter that mountain pass while an army encamps in the vale below. Narrow is the way so a few can hold an army off if courage overflows. Defend Shayari like heroes of old. Let none who intend to harm her trespass upon her emerald mountains or her enchanted forests, so kill them en mass. At Hero’s Bane stop the evildoer. No freedom won without a life riven, at Hero’s Bane, … Continue reading Pic and a Word Challenge – Gateway: Hero’s Bane