The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch

Sarn stared at the ceiling thinking adult
thoughts that vexed. His son watched hoping his bright
gaze would burn a hole. It didn’t. Ran consults
his rocks, licks each one ’til a shape takes sight.
“Star,” Ran says, hands it to Papa. Mind still
turned within, Papa takes the rock turning
it over in his hands; a green glow builds, wills
the rock to bend, stretch, reveal its yearning
and just when Ran can take no more suspense–
a matte black star now floats ‘tween papa’s hands.
Ran reaches into that warm tingle, dense
with magic; Papa returns from dreamland.
He stares,  clutched in son’s hand, a rock star.
Ran smiles, shrugs, “it wanted to be a star.”

~ ~ ~

As you can imagine, this not the first time that Ran has taken advantage of his father’s inattention and his magic. Ran and his father Sarn are characters from the Curse Breaker Saga. I’m trying to get the first part of it out on Kindle before the years’ end.

Prompted by the Daily Post’s: The Power of Touch

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    1. Thank you. This is a scene from the first Curse Breaker book. The great thing about Sarn is that he has the power to destroy things but he’d never think of using his magic that way and so his magic never manifests that way. And so his son never learns to destroy and when his magic comes in, he only uses it to create. It’s a lovely cycle.

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