Peacock Spy & Peacock to the Rescue

The Peacock Spy

The white peacock strutted about the yard;
through its eyes he peered and counted sentries,
saw a cage where a boy huddled; ten yards
to the gate and three guards at the entry.
“Did you see him?” inquired his brother,
elbowing Flair, his connection broke–damn.
“I can rescue him without help, brother.”
Phaedron laughed at the thought. Flair sought that damn
bird’s mind again, connected, drew himself
across the link, felt feathers ‘stead of flesh.
He strutted to the cage; it sat on a shelf.
The boy uncurled, blinked, “you’re here in the flesh?”
Flair shook his head; his young sib didn’t understand.
They couldn’t let this demon’s perversion stand.

Peacock to the Rescue

They couldn’t let this demon’s perversion stand
but the damn cage had been fashioned from bone.
Not just any bone, a demon’s offhand.
Its marrow pulsed with fell power prone
to infecting anything that it touched.
Not the boy ’cause his daddy’s a demon.
His mum’s a dragon-shifted Fate, God-touched,
and a loving badass but no demon.
Her unexpected bellow shook the ground;
Phare gripped the bars, called his mama; Flair changed
feathers for fire, lighting up the surround,
His other sibs, in combat they engaged.
Mom’s flaming talons rent the cage apart,
She flashed back to flesh, held Phare to her heart.

~ ~ ~

I think this is longer than 150 words. I apologize for that. The new post editor doesn’t have a word counter or not one I’ve found.  So count the first sonnet as part of the challenge.

Flair is often called a ‘Peacock’ by his sibs. I was toying with a short story about their youngest sib going missing and then I saw this and it just clicked.

Phare, Phaedron and Flair’s mum made a guest appearance in Lady in Red vs Fate’s Queen.

Prompt courtesy of FFfAW

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  1. Really wonderful poetry. I think I’ve read some of your poetry before, it seems familiar and I thought it was excellent then too. Great take on the prompt.

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  2. Excellent poem-story! ! I hope you don’t mind that I took the liberty to link your poem into the InLinkz story grid. I wanted the other participants to be able to read it. Thank you for participating in the FFfAW challenge.

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