The Match

The Match Cyprus’ ringside seats enabled him to watch the match. Who’d leave in a coffin? The acrobat tumbled, his strength let him toss the mawkish gawker out on his fin. Through the hawker’s hand lapis lazuli beads slid, clicking, blocking Cyprus’ view. The stench of brimstone warned he’d better lie low ‘fore the serum wore off. Sweat bedew his forehead, his arm pits, deodorant’s failure, its obsolescence in process. Then his human skin molted and the chant began quickening the change in the press. A demon spilled forth ending the death match. Everyone left without coffin or scratch. ~ ~ ~ Like vignette-style sonnets? Want … Continue reading The Match

Peacock Spy & Peacock to the Rescue

The Peacock Spy The white peacock strutted about the yard; through its eyes he peered and counted sentries, saw a cage where a boy huddled; ten yards to the gate and three guards at the entry. “Did you see him?” inquired his brother, elbowing Flair, his connection broke–damn. “I can rescue him without help, brother.” Phaedron laughed at the thought. Flair sought that damn bird’s mind again, connected, drew himself across the link, felt feathers ‘stead of flesh. He strutted to the cage; it sat on a shelf. The boy uncurled, blinked, “you’re here in the flesh?” Flair shook his head; his young sib … Continue reading Peacock Spy & Peacock to the Rescue