Scuffle on the Balcony | Curse Breaker

Scuffle on the Balcony | Curse Breaker

Sarn landed in a crouch on a stone bench on the balcony below. The stone seat under his boots flexed on impact, absorbing the energy from his fall and thereby insuring that he took no hurt from his acrobatics. He set his palms down on the bench and waited for it to settle before jumping over another flower bed, this one harboring a profusion of lemon balm, to the over-decorated flagstones beyond.

He needed to make several more of these jumps to reach the ground level, so he headed for the balustrade again. Before he could throw himself over, an arm collided with his throat. Its elbow bent as it met his vocal chords. A second arm secured itself around his waist and the two limbs yanked Sarn backwards knocking him off balance. Sarn stumbled as he tried to regain his footing. 

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

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