Come once again

Come once again…

Come once again to the One Continent,
where Quests divide friends’ hearts and lovers both,
sending each on troubled paths cognizant
of what each left; to return is their oath.


Quest is taking over. Join me for a retelling of Istan’s solo Quest, Chasing the Cross, which began with a windswept vista. A cross stood proud on a snow capped mountain–a symbol of something that begged him to discover its meaning…

Istan’d seen in the Maelstrom’s wind-whipped eye,
a snowy mountaintop crowned with a cross.
A symbol unknown, its blue shadow, sky-
wards reaching, casting all to doubt and dross.
Crawling up that snow flecked slope to shelter
by this thing whose call he didn’t understand,
yet when his numb hand grasped that iced welter
of grass, that bit of forest green where it stands–
his mind had cleared and the maelstrom’s grip’d eased.
That cross had grown to encompass all sight,
block the wind with its might; the attack ceased
as he’d stared at that pitted wood where nail’s bite
left blood and terrible loss; but there rose
hope and consciousness to help those opposed.

— A Mind’s Fight and Quest***

A symbol that may offer the answer to defeating the enemies that have thus far prevented him from finding the truth that vision of the cross offered. His journey has reached a dark crossroad, but come now back to where his solo quest began. See if mayhap, chance may drop an ally to help him defeat the darkness that is swallowing his soul.

Standing is his way are the following obstacles:

  • Without the Winter Mantle to curb the dark side of Istan’s powers, they’re preying on his mind, twisting his intentions and putting his companions in danger.
  • A herd of Nightmares have stolen his body and are trying to co-opt his mind to turn it to their evil purpose and with it, gain control of a powerful god from an old and broken pantheon. One still revered in the northern wastes where he dwells.
  • His ex-wife, Irene, after liberating him from the Maelstrom’s prison, is wandering around on her own Quest; he’still bitter about her leaving him centuries ago to chase power.

Find out if help is on the way on May 15 in Scheming Goddesses & Falling for You.


May 8-15, 2016


 in medias res

Can’t wait to get started? Here’s a full listing Istan’s solo Quest thus far:

Istan’s Solo Quest: Chasing the Cross

  1. A Stormy Quest (5/8)
  2. Emperor’s Quest Part 1 (5/8)
  3. Emperor’s Quest Part 2 (5/9)
  4. Hierophant’s Quest  (5/9)
  5. Nightmares’ Quest  (5/10)
  6. Nightmares’ Quest Part 2  (5/10)
  7. Hierophant’s Quest Part 2  (5/11)
  8. Hierophant’s Quest Part 3  (5/11)
  9. Hierophant’s Quest Part 4 (5/12)
  10. Hierophant’s Quest Part 5 (5/12)
  11. Hijacked Quest (5/13)
  12. Quest to Mind’s Spires (5/13)
  13. Mine to Possess (5/14)
  14. Friend Nightmare (5/14)
  15.  Scheming Goddesses (5/15)
  16. Falling for You (5/15)

*Parenthetical dates indicate the date of republish. All links are live links previously published on

**in medias res will resume its regular editorial schedule on May 16th.

*** written in sonnets, has not yet been transferred to prose.


This special event is dedicated to a very special fan, who has been championing Irene and Istan’s reconciliation. We’ll find out on May 15th if that’s in the cards.

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