Tinatangi, the Chaos Bringer


Tinatangi, the Chaos Bringer

She inhaled fire, breathed it in deep, taking its heat into herself and making it hers. Spreading out hands of mist, she caught the tongues of flame lapping at the air that comprised her. She was smoke and vapor and deep desire. Hugging the pyre, she laughed as its molted heat fused her fractured soul. The Goddess breathed in the ashes dancing in the breeze that ruffled her mane. They were all that remained of her tinatangi, who’d fueled the conflagration with his flesh to save her.

And then it was done. She stood whole for the first time in a millennium. After blowing her tinatangi’s ashes one last kiss, she reached out and grasped the arrow of time, turning it. Each revolution shifted time backwards. The flames receded and the accelerant he’d used jumped back into its canister held by his unburned hands.

“It worked,” he said, exhaling shock at her sudden appearance, whole and undamaged.

She nodded and traced a finger down his cheek. The Chaos Bringer was back and the world trembled under her feet.  His eyes widened, taking in the true measure of her power and the wild light swirling in her eyes. Perhaps a second thought or two about the wisdom of releasing an ancient power long jailed away flashed across his mind in that instant before she kissed him.

It mattered not as his essence slid down her throat and its former container collapsed like a fleshy shell to land at her feet.  His wish had been granted; they could never part now that he was part of her. She licked her lips and stalked off to explore this ‘modern world’ he’d been so keen to show her. And he would show her, just not in the way he had planned.


Thank you Maria of Doodles and Scribbles and Rosema of A Reading Writer for Word High July #FilipinoWords #Prompt.

14 thoughts on “Tinatangi, the Chaos Bringer

  1. Wow, she is evil. Her soulmate and she used him first his flesh then his essence. He probably truly loved her, didn’t realize he was ending his life and putting back together an evil force of being. Really interesting Melinda. Loved it!

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  2. Oh dear, oh dear! My heart’s beating like a drum, really! I felt like I was transported into that place and was watching them firsthand. Such engrossing tale you have, Mel! โค I really, really want to read moreeeee!!

    P.S. You’ve used the word perfectly! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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