The Ultimate Timpi


He cupped the world in his starry hands and breathed life into it. Day broke on that world that he let go spinning into space’s arid, cold void. Cosmic rays battered that blue-green marble as it rolled sunward in its orbit. Brutal though it was, he had to let this nuclear drama play out.

He suppressed the urge to shield that world. Reactions taking place on its surface convinced him to wait and watch. To see what develops as the work of his divine hands settles into that goldilocks zone, where life is possible.

For Maria of Doodles and Scribbles and Rosema of A Reading Writer‘s Word High July

14 thoughts on “The Ultimate Timpi

  1. Very lovely Melinda. Something beautiful coming out of something so uncontrolled.


  2. Very powerful words Mel. It just hurts to see what we are doing to the beautiful creation of The Master. Sometimes, I almost wish he didn’t leave us with will power of our own.


  3. A story very well penned! This is splendid, Mel. Yes, that probably is the ultimate timpi– to see one’s creation getting destroyed yet suppressing the urge to intervene. 🙀👏💕

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  4. oh wow! wow. just majestic my dear, Mel! JUST majestic! Indeed He who created the world let it rotate on its own. Sadly, its inhabitants is slowly destroying it.

    Great thought-provoking piece, my dear friend! ❤

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