Peacock’s Bughaws


Peacock’s Bughaws

A cruel enchantment burned across my skin. Yes I’m a vane peacock but don’t you think causing me to sprout feathers is a little much? Was there not some better punishment? I guess not because patches of my golden tan, which I had spent a month perfecting, flipped over like game tiles.

And then–adding to insult to injury–mama had the audacity to put a leash around my neck! She fastened a strip of leather the same hue as her blood colored nails from which hung a silver bell–as if I was some kind pet! I opened my beak to complain but only unintelligible squawks issued forth.

Mama patted my head saying, “yes dear I know this is vexing but so is your behavior. I warned you not to start another war.” A swirling red eye fixed me with a glare. Mama was really steamed at me this time.

Maybe I shouldn’t have helped Helen escape her hubby. The face that launched a thousand ships peeked between of the slats of my closet where I’d stashed her. I met her startling violet eyes. Menelaus should have been nicer to her.  I gave her a peacock’s grin and the hidden Helen fingered my violet gown.

She could have it. That dress wouldn’t fit my bird’s body anymore and mama wasn’t in the mood to give me back my womanly shape. Maybe next century I’d earn a reprieve. Or maybe not given the frown carving mama’s black face. At least she hadn’t fried me.

Oh don’t look at me like that. I didn’t start the Trojan war on purpose. It’s not my fault that most of the warlords around are misogynistic creeps. And I am ever a friend to a fellow woman in need.

Well I gotta go; Penelope’s calling. Seems she’s in a bit of a jam now that her hubs Odysseus is off warring. Back in a blue flash!

— Love and Kisses, Farafalla, a.k.a. the Goddess of Peacocks or the Peacock Goddess 

Thanks to Maria of Doodles and Scribbles and Rosema of A Reading Writer for Word High July #FilipinoWords #Prompt.

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