In Silence, I Rage

In silence I rage, rattle the cage, but the bars don’t change.
There is a truth I cannot speak, so I turn in silence.
When night falls, the door opens, and I walk onto a stage.
loaked in shadows and pretense, I embrace my friend silence.

When dawn comes, I hold my son; in his smile, all’s rearranged.
The truth doesn’t fester when I’m with him, snug in our silence.
My broken soul he assembles, in a silent exchange.
He’s the truth I cannot speak, so I turn in silence. 

My heart breaks each time–I must retreat out of the truth’s range.
Inside the truth rages, rattles its cage at my silence.
But I will not break; I will not tell; there’s no fair exchange.
So I keep my son in silence, where the secret commenced.

From magic my old foe, I turn away seeking silence.
In my son’s green eyes, I’m saved, by this loving interchange.
Promises I made to my son echo in the silence.
With him, I can speak; but in whispers, our words are exchanged.

For my only son, I built a fortress in that silence.
The truth I’ll forever cage, never allowing it to range.
I’ll pay the price with my sanity to keep that silence.
Keeping custody of my son is worth any exchange. 

My name is Sarn, and this is my story:




10 thoughts on “In Silence, I Rage

  1. An incredible powerful write about silence, and the way it can rule our lives against our will.
    That there was an outlet to the silence made the need to keep secrets more poignant and sad.
    Excellent write. Thanks so much for participating, and I hope you can again.

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  2. Awesome Melinda. I love it from Sarn’s view. The things he cannot tell his son, the silence of love and knowing btw him and his son. The silence of the secrets he hates keeping so much “it rattles his cage.” Great version 🙂

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