Blood, Like Leaves, Falls

Leaves crunched under my feet–red ones, and I tasted blood. A flash of something, a dark scene half remembered, interrupted my sight. My lips brushed his, but he withdrew. His glorious eyes showered me in silver light. Shock painted his handsome face as he wiped my blood from his lips onto his tattered sleeve.

I loved him. He didn’t love me.

In a blink, I returned to contemplating a distant slice of sky. Was the sun rising or setting? A gold mist hung in the air, and its tendrils reached out for me. This place isn’t Shayari. Is my carcass still lying beneath those enchanted oaks with my lifeless hand grasping after a love I failed to find?

We were friends he and I. The best of friends once before I did something I should regret. But I don’t. What did I do?

Memories fade into the autumnal haze leaving me confused. Maybe Death’s taken them too. It took my body and separated me from him, so it might as well steal my memories too. But I still remember him and I always will. I taste his tears, feel them drip onto my face.

I’ll wait here until he darkens death’s door and then we’ll be together, my Angel and I, the way we were always meant to be.

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Can Sarn protect his son, keep his masters happy, resolve a mystery and help the dead boy stalking him without losing his mind or control of his magic?

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This is a possible intro for a novella picking up after Curse Breaker: Enchanted ends from a different character’s pov. Do let me know if you like it.

18 thoughts on “Blood, Like Leaves, Falls

        1. 🙂 But maybe a happier end is on the horizon. I have an idea kicking around in my imagination. I’m going to do a novella following some of the intriguing characters we meet in Curse Breaker: Enchanted and of course Sarn will be there. He’s everywhere.

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            1. It depends on how things play out. I’ll have to ‘write and see’ if this character atones for things in Curse Breaker: Enchanted and if this person is worthy of some kind of relationship with a certain other character. Of course the other character may have other romantic plans. I’ll have to write and see what develops.

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