For My Sister

Death took you too soon
leaving your dreams unfulfilled
your requests linger
no more

Happy Birthday sis!

Today you would have turned 32.
I hope Amazon delivers to heaven because I have a gift for you.

Curse Breaker: Enchanted published today fulfilling your last request.


SARN indentured himself four years ago to pay for his brother’s education. It was a desperate bid to help his brother escape the cycle of poverty stalking them both since childhood. The decision forced Sarn to lead two lives. By day, he cares for his secret son. At night, he serves the Rangers even though they have no idea what to do with an untrained mage.

Expecting a typical night of menial labor, Sarn rushes to work taking care to hide his glowing eyes from bystanders. Instead, he finds the enchanted forest out for blood. After a tree abducts Sarn, he’s thrust into a mystery revolving around a double homicide.

One of the victims is a child with green eyes promising the same illegal magic Sarn possesses. Who killed this boy and the party he traveled with and why?

Sarn keeps seeing the dead boy. Is the child haunting him a hallucination or a ghost desperate for justice? When the ghost appears to his son, odd things happen convincing Sarn the ghost is real and needs his help.

But Sarn’s time is not his own and his masters will do everything in their power to keep him too busy to ask uncomfortable questions. And by day, he’s safeguarding his son, Ran, whom no one knows about. Ran craves a little adventure each day and gets more than he bargained for when friends of his missing mother attack his father.

If anyone discovers his magic, Sarn’s life is forfeit and his son’s too. He must stay out of sight despite the summons of a powerful, ancient creature and the plans one of the Rangers has for him. Both threaten to expose him.

With no evidence to go on, Sarn may have to turn to the magic chewing on his sanity for answers–if he dares. Something unnatural is spinning a deadly web in the enchanted forest. Murder was just the beginning.

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Odd things happen around Mount Eredren. Those occurrences are building up to something and Sarn wants nothing to do with it.

But not even Sarn can escape what’s coming.

(Forthcoming in early 2017)