(Continues from Shameless)

Down to a blue ribbon dividing sky
from sea, we rode stopping when land ran out.
Lady Liberty lifted her torch high
and a panel van idled hereabout.

My spectral body tingled signaling
we sped toward trouble, and I felt its sting.

Detective No Name pulled up to the curb and climbed out. From inside his pocket, he removed a glassine pouch identical to the one my captured hand gripped. He raised it until it the rising sun glinted off a blood smeared coin. After tossing it into the bay, he returned to his car and popped the trunk. I bolted with the dagger. I smelled a conspiracy, and it had the rotten odor of a corpse.

“What the F–“

Horns sounded. Over my shoulder, I saw the detective pumping his arms. His legs pistoned the ground. Great, I had a runner on my tail. Of course, he was chasing the dagger not me. My spectral self was still invisible to him.

Red and green flashes almost blinded me. “Whose side are you on?” I demanded. The dagger made no verbal response, but its gems strobed turning the bridge into kaleidoscopic confusion. Headlights startled me. I dodged. I could phase through cars, but the metal and crystal annoyance had no such adaptation.

We barreled down the road giving motorists a fright until the light show reached blinding proportions. A taxi sideswiped the dagger and sent me tumbling arse over head into a mini-sun. Stars swirled, and I fell through them landing on a brick walkway. A bronze bull glared cluing me into my whereabouts–Wall Street. Why send me here? What kind of story am I chasing?

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