Get your fantasy fix – FREE Books

It’sFriday. Pick up a FREE book to keep you company this weekend. Over a hundred authors have fantastic books up for grabs. Click HERE to fill your e-reader with action, adventure, and magic. Whatever you do this weekend, make it epic.   If you haven’t already, pick up the first 12 chapters of Curse Breaker: Enchanted for FREE and dive in! Find out what happens when Sarn’s two lives collide. Can he solve a haunting mystery while keeping his masters happy? Freedom is not an option and neither is quitting. When secrets threaten, magic kills.   Continue reading Get your fantasy fix – FREE Books

Frozen Cherries, Cashews and a Twist of Trouble

(This is a work of flash fiction. Enjoy!) I sat eating frozen cherries and cashews with one knee cocked ‘cause I lost my job after just one night. Okay, you caught me. There might be some dark chocolate too. What’s a girl gonna do when she’s blue but pig out on health food? Yeah, I’ve reached a new level of pathetic. My eyes burn, so I pick up the vial, try to squeeze out a few tears. Did I nab ‘em? I shake the vial, and my lips flip into a moue of disgust. The bottle’s not full enough yet … Continue reading Frozen Cherries, Cashews and a Twist of Trouble