I prefer my Cupid without his Gun

(Continues from Stranger than Perfect)

My sense of self shattered. To my hand the knife, my former abductor, flew lengthening as I ran, a war cry on my lips. Legs pumping, I charged into the fray, sword swinging. I slapped a downward diving blade away from a wounded knight. My eye fell on design elements worked into the fellow’s cuirass. I knew this man, and he knew me.

I spat blood and choked on its metallic tang. Blinking brought a shadowed room into view, but my eyes refused to focus. No, I was in the fight. Go back to the battle you fool. Your friends are dying.

“I’m losing him. Damn it! I thought she sent him into dreams?”

I blinked again, and Fiona stood in flowing robes amid the carnage. In her eyes, I saw Jason holding a book. Inscribed on its cover was a five-pointed star enclosed in a circle.

A gun-toting Cupid shot
me through the heart, so stupid
I thought while bullets pierced the spot
where love had grown, now turned to rot.
Bullets hailed Marilyn Manson.
Sweet dreams ne’er realized, ne’er begun.

Fiona met my glare and shook one bony finger at me. My sight dimmed and faded to black.

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