(Continues from Undoubtedly)

Using the Doppler effect as a guide,
I realized my quarry had blasted past
me on a side street, so I jogged to my ride.
And something fantastical happened fast.

Born on a gust of wind, tiny motes dove.
Sparkling as they twisted, a cyclone strove.

I ran, but the damned thing chased me. Its cone spun tornado-like hugged by red streaks of lightning. My tempestuous pursuer affected neither passersby nor personal property with its whipping winds. Only I felt its effect as the twister gained on me.

I rushed through a crowd waiting to cross and phased through three cars before I reached the opposite sidewalk. The tempest followed me and ignored all the flesh and blood folk confirming my guess. It was only after me.

Running was futile. I could run all day and night without tiring, but I had to keep grabbing hold of street lamps, and anything else nailed down to keep from being swept away.

Detouring, I pelted for a skyscraper and passed through its brick face hoping to lose my stalker. No such luck. The thing followed me, phasing when I phased, crossing when I crossed.

I could have kept this cat and mouse game going forever but halfway through the elevator lobby I collided with a familiar face. We merged.

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