Letter to My Sister

Hey sis,

You’ve been gone for over two years and I miss you still. It’s been awhile since we talked. So here’s an update even though you probably know all this already. After all, you’re seated in heaven watching over this crazy world and shaking your head at the antics of us toiling away here below.

I’ll keep this short. I know you’re busy earning your wings. Like Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life, one day those bells will toll for you and you’ll get your wings. I’m rooting for you. I always do.

I hope you’ve found what you were looking for. I still haven’t but I’ve got a long road ahead of me and plenty of time to find it.

So here’s what I’ve done:

  • I published Curse Breaker: Enchanted on your birthday (9/27/16).
    • I’ve sold 9 copies and racked up 849 pages through kindle unlimited
    • I have one five star review Goodreads but no reviews on Amzon which is a problem
    • Curse Breaker: Enchanted is available as a paperback as well as a kindle book. I hope soon to have it available as an audio book.
    • I couldn’t afford an editor so I read a ton of books and paid attention to how they were written while I edited my book. I have listened to a screen reading app read Curse Breaker: Enchanted back to me more times than I can count seeking errors and words to cut. I’m giving it one more listen because I’m a perfectionist just to make absolutely certain it’s perfect before it’s big debut.
  • I took a class in book marketing and have finished 60% of its lectures. I’m saving the advanced stuff for when I’ve masterd the basics.
    • What I learned:
      • I need to build email list and send out an e-newsletter
      • I need to advertise on facebook, amazon and book blogs
      • I really need at least 10 reviews ASAP. Can you write a review from heaven? Do angels read kindle books?
    • What I’m doing to address the things I learned:
      • I created a quiz and so far, 6 people have signed up for my brandspanking new email list! (I have no idea what to do for the newsletter part. Got any ideas?)
      • I have started identifying who to market to on Facebook (suggestions welcome!)
      • I set up a kindle countdown deal. Curse Breaker: Enchanted will be 81% off at $0.99 from Nov. 13-19.
        • I’ve lined up six small book blogs to run ads/mentions of the sale in their newsletters. I’m working on setting up even more. Cross your fingers that it resonates with readers.
      • I’m doing a giveaway for the paperback version Nov. 20-Dec. 5 through Goodreads.
      • I’m begging everyone I know for an honest review but it’s slow going. The book means so much to me but to the rest of the world, it’s a teardrop in the ocean.

I should move on but I can’t. It’s your last wish made manifest. When I look at it, I’m back in your room interrupting your nightly reading to bounce some ideas off you. I miss those conversations. I even miss you telling me to go away.

You’re dead and gone. You can no longer chase your dreams but I can chase mine. And I can’t give up. I’ll show the world. I’ll make them care.  That’s what your last request was really about and what you were really asking me to do.

You wanted me to fight. You foresaw a long, uphill battle and you didn’t want me to give up. You knew you weren’t going to be there to help and you knew I’d have little support. I’m fighting hard with all I have and I won’t stop until I win.  You got my word on that sis.

Your loving sister,