Death, Editing and Birthdays, Oh My!

Lost? Don’t be. Find previous episodes here. Hi Readers, I’m sorry for not writing you. I promised to let a certain character have his say, and I didn’t. Last week I was a wreck. My cousin disappeared and was found dead three days later, shattering our family. May he rest in peace. Standing by my cousin’s coffin, I wished I had reached out. Maybe if I had, he wouldn’t have he sought release at the end of a noose. That day, I lost my sister all over again. Grief stabbed me, shredding my heart. I went through the motions until my eye caught on a … Continue reading Death, Editing and Birthdays, Oh My!


Some sad poetic musings inspired by the Poets of Twitter who tirelessly post prompts. Thank you for providing a frame to express the grief, anger, and inevitable questions raised by a loved one’s suicide. – – – RIP Rest in peace– those who have fallen, those who hang, those who lie six feet underground. – – – Questions for the Damned You who traded your pillow for a headstone, a coffin of silk, or an ash-filled urn– was it worth it? Did your pain end when life ebbed? – – – Musings on Suicide Strangled by his twisted halo, he … Continue reading RIP