Some sad poetic musings inspired by the Poets of Twitter who tirelessly post prompts. Thank you for providing a frame to express the grief, anger, and inevitable questions raised by a loved one’s suicide.

– – –


Rest in peace–
those who have fallen,
those who hang,
those who lie six feet underground.

– – –

Questions for the Damned

You who traded your pillow for a headstone,
a coffin of silk,
or an ash-filled urn–
was it worth it?
Did your pain end when life ebbed?

– – –

Musings on Suicide

Strangled by his twisted halo,
he escaped his cage of bones,
severed heartstrings,
leaving “why?” to echo as we cry.


– – –

Random Observation

In death he flew, leaving mourners in his rear view.


– – –

On Death

Life’s a fever dream.
Once broken it’s gone
leaving a sweat stain
and an empty noose.


– – –

Stretch toward life.
Reject death’s unholy union.
Turn the page to a new day.
Find the frame where you’re free.


– – –

Time stood still at the end of a rope
suspended by death.


– – –

RIP Cousin Joe

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