(Continues from Seeing Red)

Landing in darkness, I shook my dazed head.
I lay on an altar stone, a grave bed
and perhaps my end, no more could I rove.
Was I now a treasure in someone’s trove?

I picked myself up after I indulged in a good rant to improve my mood though not my situation. All the swearing did reduce my anger and frustration to a manageable level permitting rational thought. So I started with the basics.

Someone had kidnapped me. Likely the someone was the old man and his devilish companions since they were the only creatures–and I use this term loosely–who could see me. Well besides the Ice Maiden, but she might be a hallucination brought on by stress.  How had the weird trio abducted me?

No matter, I could figure out the how later. Right now I needed to leave. Searching with my hands, I patted the stygian gloom seeking a wall. I found one but my hand refused to phase through it. I glared at my misbehaving appendage. What substance could prevent me from passing through it? I flashed back to the house with the keep away sign. It had kept me out alright. Could a modified version keep me in?

I felt around for another wall. Maybe my jailor had gotten lazy and forgotten to scribble the mark on one of the walls. No such luck. I patted down all four walls, the floor, and the ceiling too. I inhabited a concrete box.

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