Scent of Trouble

(Continues from Abandonment)

A floral scent permeated my cell.
Was there a nursery behind my cell?
Roses couldn’t save me– no thumbs to pick locks.
Looks like I am stuck in a concrete block. 

Incense barged into my cell followed by
chanting and drumming and I knew not why.

But I could guess. Some ritual was taking place right outside my prison. Metal groaned and the cement cube imprisoning me swayed. Outstanding, they had a crane. My cell rocked as it was lifted. Thankfully I’m a ghost so all the rocking had no effect on me. I remained unbattered but quite perturbed. Something nefarious was afoot and now I was part of it.

Putting my shoulder to one of the walls, I pondered. There had to be a clue to all this buried in the blank canvas I called a mind and I’d better find it fast. My thoughts spun back to the man in the elevator but all I’d gleaned were impressions of a very dead me. Next stop on the memory train was the white haired female apparition and her moonlit tree in the PATH tunnels. Nope, no helpful information was forthcoming from her quarter.

This bizarre night had begun with me stumbling over a ritualistic killing. Was I about to the meet the killers? Probably and the realization filled me with dread. What did these fools want with me? I was a ghost and harming a noncorporeal entity was impossible.

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