Once upon a Winter Morn

He’s as silent as a winter morn,
and legendary for his horn.
On a mountain, he was born
with a thorn in his side.
Nibbling kernels of corn,
he saw the world shorn
of its preconceptions and scorned
the forewarned
who ignored the hawthorn
where the firstborn
picked up a gold tricorne.

Never more would the world be as it was
because the winter-born
was named king on this morn.

And no one remained after his long reign.
They all melted away, leaving for gentler reins.

for Monday Morning Melts #2 hosted by Jade and Rosema. I didn’t have any heart-melting words today while my country is in turmoil.

18 thoughts on “Once upon a Winter Morn

  1. I understand your pain my friend since I live in the same country as you (I hope I’m right in remembering that we both live in USA…with a newly elected president… -_-). My submission for this week’s melts was very much influenced by the chaos of this country as well.

    I think you created a wonderful poem. It’s strong and fierce and I love the rhymes!

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        1. I thought so too. I’m still shocked. I can’t believe how many people approve of you know who’s platform. And how intolerant people I know are that they can support him. I don’t know what I can do, but I can’t sit back and watch this. I have to stand up and stand with those who are most at risk. I’m also shocked at the behavior of the protesters. I can’t support them or their bad behavior.

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          1. Mhmm, I don’t think I can ever truly accept that he is now the president. -_- Some of the protestors cross the line, I agree (burning the flag is just disrespectful to all the soldiers who died for it, in my opinion) but much of the protesting is fine, I think. Change doesn’t happen unless people make it happen.

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