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Enchanted is complex, intricate, and a thoroughly captivating debut to the Curse Breaker saga. From the very first page, the reader is swept into Sarn’s world and you don’t step out until the last page (although, with a cliffhanger like that, can you really say you stepped out, or do you still have one toe in Sarn’s story, waiting for the next part?)[…] Enchanted is a twisty book where everything is well thought out, where moments between Sarn and his son will melt your heart, and where, if you’re ready for an unbelievable journey into a realm of magic and adventure unlike anything you’ve read before, then trust in Melinda and enjoy the ride!  —Mei W.


So much work has gone into creating strong and endearing characters to populate the first book in this brilliant new series. I was immediately swept away and didn’t want the story to end. Can’t wait for the next book to arrive. […] I enjoyed it from first page to last.  —Ryan S.

Melinda Kucsera creates a wonderful and engaging world for her lead character Sarn. I enjoyed her writing style and how fast paced and thrilling Sarn’s journey is into the forest and the killer trees. […] Can’t wait for the next book! I loved how even though this book was a gripping fantasy/thriller there was emotion and relatability with her characters. You really do feel for them. —Amanda


What I Love: This book is made of love. A kind of love which has transcended and was honed by time. A kind of love you will feel oozing out each and every beautifully-crafted line. […] The struggle of a single father, the innocent love of a child, the hardships of someone illiterate, the depth of hurt of friendship betrayed, the injustices and so much more were all tackled in this novel. It’s a lengthy read worth your time. And the cliffhanger ending will make you want to know more. —Rosemarie

Curse Breaker: Enchanted is a gripping story with monumental characters and a huge conflict. Melinda Kucsera takes the reader on a ride through fascinating landscapes, a beautiful setting with a life of its own, strange rules, and weird people and creatures. Her descriptive prose is seductive, capturing every detail of the story without hurting the pace in any way.[…] Readers will enjoy the intense action, the twists, the suspense, and ultimately, the satisfying finish. Great plot, great characters, great writing. Readers’ Favorite

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