Sheerin’ Away the City

(Continues from Not the Tenerife Sea)

Midnight in the city
falling into ruins,
there lays a girl busy
weaving a spell to unpin
reality from its moorings.

Fiona writhed, twisting incantations and mashing together a hasty spell. She flung it, and its shiny net caught me before I fell. Before, I reconnected to the dying flesh reaching towards me. Before, I landed back where I belonged. Her spell flung me and my knife since we’re an item, towards a distant point winking in the darkness.

I slammed into a body, my own thankfully, and slid into a familiar fleshy sleeve. Taking a breath, my first since turning ghost, I savored it. My second breath sent me into a coughing fit. Something wound around my chest compressing each breath. I poked the metal cuirass unable to reach the binding cloth underneath. Was I wearing a corset?

Reality smacked me upside the head. I’d bound my breasts flat to hide them before donning my plate armor because I was a woman. No wonder my ghost bod had felt odd. It had been all wrong. Fiona had bought the lie I upheld with padding and a fake swagger. She’d thought I was a man and so when she’d shoehorned me into another reality, she’d dumped me into a man’s body.

Now my confusion over there made sense.

My eyes landed on Fiona, the author of my misery. She twisted, dancing with the wind. Shawls billowed around her.

Fiona’s ice-chip eyes met mine, but she wasn’t called Fiona here. No, she wore a far fouler name–Kaydara Ironwood, the worst kind of sorceress.

I removed my helm revealing my face. Sweat had dribbled away my make-up disguise. Her eyes widened, and her mouth formed a perfect O.

Yeah bitch, you messed with the wrong woman. But I was the mouse taunting a lioness.

“I am Tevara, Guardian of Shayari,” I shouted making my point. Though the crystal sword at my hip likely offered better proof of my claim than my dumb challenge.

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