Author Interview – Paul Francois 

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Today my Gentle Readers, I want to introduce you to Paul Francois. In the style of my previous interviews, I will put my comments/questions in BLUE and Paul will be GREEN.

paulfrancoisheadshot.pngSeems like all writers are also voracious readers. What got you started in the literary world?
Actually, I am a hypocrite. I never enjoyed reading in school, not sure if that was due to the horrible English teachers I endured in high school or not. Unfortunately that followed me beyond my academic years. I even find it difficult to read my own work, of course what writer enjoys having to edit his own work.

I don’t think any nominally sane writer likes to edit their own work. When you do pick up that rare book however, what do you go for?
When I do read, my favorites are SciFi, Fantasy, and Suspense/Thiller.

So if English was so horrible…

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