New Years Wishes + a Micro Story

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Years. End this year by ringing in a wonder-filled new one with best wishes and a story too! 

The cursor flashes waiting for input. The author, a small woman named Melinda, curls up on a chaise lounge. She blinks at the screen, takes off her glasses, rubs the bridge of her nose and yawns. She’ll just rest her tired eyes for a moment then finish the post.

A purple spark dances in the air. It blossoms into a vertical slash and widens. Beyond its expanding aperture, a hundred faces appear. They lean close, each jockeying for a chance to slide a hand through and touch the flickering screen beckoning to them. A fight breaks out as those in back push through the ranks. Swords unsheathe, and magical attacks fly as the peaceful gathering turns into a violent display.

Soon the crowd’s attention shifts to the dragon snapping its jaws at a foul-mouthed unicorn beating its wings to escape the fray. Unnoticed by all, a child creeps through and lays his fingers on the keys. His iridescent green eyes sparkle with mirth as he taps out this message:

Happy New Years to you from all of us characters (and the author too). We can’t wait to encounter you in the New Year!

The author shifts in her sleep breaking the spell. The portal shrinks. The boy retracts his hands after he hits publish. His father scoops him up carrying him out of the way of two dueling warriors who vanish, relegated back to their time and place in the author’s fantasy. This strange cross-over ends with a yawn and the author sliding her glasses up her roman nose. She stares in wonder at the post co-written by a character she invented.

What strange dreams authors have when reality and fantasy become entangled.

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