FREE Fantasy Books! Get the Details Here

Looking for something fantastic to read in the New Year? AΒ ton of really amazing fantasy books are available absolutely free! Click HERE to support these indie authors by checking out their books. You’ve got a whole year ahead of you, why not fill it with great books? Click the banner below to be whisked away to this incredible opportunity! And yes, yours truly has a FREE book on offer as well.

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39 thoughts on “FREE Fantasy Books! Get the Details Here

    1. All fantasy subgenres were eligible. You just have to have your book available on that’s the only stipulation. I think. I might be mixing this one up with one I just found. I can’t find the fb post for his promo. It must be closed for submissions. However, I just found this one:
      Your book has to be free on Amazon. Mine isn’t so I can’t participate. You also have to share to your social media and put it in your newsletter.
      Let me know what kinds of offers like these you’re interested in and I’ll let you know when I find one. Most I’ve seen want 99 cent books on amazon or free books on instafreebie to take part. I recommend you put the first book if your series on instafreebie if it’s not already on there and grow your list. I can list out several groups where you can find these opportunities too. Let me know! You can dm me on fb too. I’m all about knowledge sharing.

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        1. You can put your books on amazon for free. All you have to do is put them up at 99 cents, go to your prod page and click to let them know your book is available at a lower price elsewhere. Amazon will price match and your book will be free.

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          1. Yeah, I know it’s possible to do that, but I have a strict policy about not having a price at all, even for a short period of time. Thank you for the suggestion, anyway! Maybe one day.


              1. I’ve been curious about that myself. I’ve published on Smashwords, which distributes to iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and if people download from Smashwords, they can get the mobi files for Kindles. Plus, I don’t pay to advertise. So I’m not too sure what else I can do

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                    1. yes. If you scroll down past her video, she has an email sequence she uses to engage readers. She has published a lot of kids’s books but with some wording changed, her emails could be used for any genre:
                      Here’s a link to a pdf about lead magnets, ie, free books given away in exchange for an email address:
                      it’s written by a bestselling indie author
                      Here’s a link to a resource for creating email headlines that get opened:
                      Jeff Goins – the beginning guide to building an audience –
                      Auto-responder swipe copy from another indie bestseller –
                      I hope these help. I’m still learning. πŸ™‚

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                    2. I used an app and had it read my book to me 17x. At the end of the 17th go round, it sounded as good as the audio books I love even though a machine was narrating (slaughtering the pronunciation).

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                    3. I hope they can learn. Did it seem to you the more times you listened to it that the delivery smoothed out and became less choppy? Was it because of good editing, machine learning or our imaginations? I wonder this.

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                    4. It takes some time. My first novel has a bunch of mistakes, but considering some of the big house books I’ve read, they’re not too bad. And to be honest, that person probably didn’t like the way you wrote, more so that the perceived mistakes. We all have a certain feel or voice. And sometimes (this is a good example), we break rules on purpose.

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                    5. Exactly. So while I think that person was trying to be helpful, they lost sight of your style and instead focused on the perceived errors. From what I’ve read of your work, I think you’re doing just fine. You’re evolving as you go, and that is EXACTLY what you should do. 😊

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                    6. Not a bad goal, no, but it shouldn’t be the motivation. Writers write because we have to, and would continue writing even without money. Money should be the bonus or whatever on top of it, not the purpose.


                    7. But really, when I figured out I could listen to my books, it became much easier to find those tiny errors and fix them so the flow was the way I wanted it to be, or those pesky typos or missing words were found and corrected.

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                    8. Yes! Exactly. That’s where most of my errors came in. As I read, my mind filled in the blanks for me, and I’m sure most readers (since the majority don’t have them narrated by robotic voices) would do the same. But once I realized that I could listen to my books, it really helped me to fix it so it flowed exactly the way I wanted. And it caught the mistakes.

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