Blog Takeover – Day 3

While they fiddled with technological things, I opened another portal and glided through it onto asphalt startling a young black man holding a parcel. His jaw dropped at the sight of my splendor, but one flick of my smallest branch removed the memory. Continue reading Blog Takeover – Day 3

Stars and Angels Sing – Kindle Edition

I just want to thank the folks who have bought Stars and Angels Sing today. Thank you. If you haven’t yet checked it out, here’s the link: Stars and Angels Sing A Curse Breaker Novella Now Available on Kindle: When stars and angels sing and angels lead you in… You know you’re in for quite the adventure. However, getting there is a struggle for Sarn, a twenty-one year old indentured Ranger, who patrols part of the Enchanted Forest in Shayari. After his master, Nolo, found out about Sarn’s four year old son, Sarn found himself, his son and his teenage … Continue reading Stars and Angels Sing – Kindle Edition