Your Free Book and a Fantastic Take Over

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I’m so glad you’re back. Did you enjoy your FREE preview? A lot’s happened since our last email and—what was that? Did you just hear a loud bang? I’d better check it out.

A petite woman looks across the rows of beige cubicles to a window and her mouth drops open in shock. A giant eye winks at her before fading out. From his vanishing talons, a sign falls but disappears when it lands on a fire truck’s roof. It says:

Read my damned story; I’m tired of waiting.

The computer screen goes black while she scans the office for witnesses to her runaway fantasy. Short walls block sight of her coworkers bent over their phones. A cloaked figure with a fist full of electrical cords dashes around a corner. Melinda rushes after him.

32 miles north, purple light blooms over a chaise lounge. Fingers reach through the glow and settle on a keyboard. Reflected in the LCD screen is a child’s smiling face. He chuckles as he starts typing.

Hello! Sorry about the subterfuge. We had to distract the Author (Melinda) for a little while. Worry not, your email addresses are safe with her. We (her characters) have to hijack her newsletter to speak directly to you. 

Masterminding such a scheme from another reality is not easy, but I had to do it. Who am I? I am Ran, son of Sarn. He’s the main character in Curse Breaker: Enchanted.

Purple light flares. The boy stops typing and blinks at the portal floating overhead. Why’s it strobing like that?

Find out next time. While you wait, why not enjoy your FREE preview.

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