MTAM- A.M. Rycroft 

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For our first official Meet The Author Monday, my Gentle Readers, I have A.M. Rycroft, whose book “Into The Darkness” I recently reviewed. That book earned Rycroft a spot in the Horror Writers Association. In the style of my previous interviews, I will put my comments/questions in BLUE and she will be GREEN.

I always like to hear what introduced a writer to the literary world. Is there a specific person or event from your life that made you a reader?
My mother was a big reader, like her mother before her, so she was always buying me books and letting me pick out books as a child. So, I think it mostly comes from her.

What are you favorite genre(s) to read?
Typically, the same ones I write, so fantasy, horror, and sci-fi. I also delve into thrillers and some literary fiction from time to time.

Was there…

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