A sweet synthesis in a soft cocoon

Moved by inspiration
I create worlds
tuck them between pages
Wrap them in a cover
Deliver the completed tale
For your delight.

love’s art form
Inks calligraphic swirls
Tattoos swatches
watermarking his skin
Copyrighting it
So it can’t be plagiarized

Two fighters bow
twirl deadly blades
sending chocolate chips flying
onto lace tablecloths
where two cuisines collide.

#NatureVerse #MSpoetry #TheSmellOfWords

A sweet synthesis in a soft cocoon
We lay on Eiderdown
& Gave into insatiable urges.

I sip blackberry Sangria
While studying star charts
Searching for a new world
Somewhere to land
the Intrepid colony ship.

#lunagemz #DsubVerse
Soft touches
Smooth a tumble of white
Cladding her in bridal glory
balloons brush her padded breasts
She spins laughing

Honey rolled down his lips
Poisoned but wickedly delicious
As My hollow bones attest
They drift now on an obsidian ocean of death

That COME HITHER stare
Ensnared by a DIMPLED CHEEK
I fell into the honey pot’s poisoned plot

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