Winter slept in her smile

How can I summarize those sultry SUMMER EYES? I’ve got 90 seconds to try before blasting off into the wide blue yonder.

Winter slept in her smile
Frosted her fingertips in spikes
made her colder than the methane seas of Titan but she was our goddess.

From this vantage
I see which army has the advantage
It isn’t mine.
Magic crackles, flares
Do I dare return
To face death & defeat?

Evil shadows the soul
Never allowing its sunny side to go far
Without hearing its whispered proclamations of doom.

Can a plastic world addicted to artificial flavors delight in organic pleasures?


Nails on your skin
hands sliding
Bodies gliding
Heading for an orgasmic
Forging a covalent bond
From shared affection.


Where fingers used to be only stumps remain. They twitch in search of you, but you’re a phantom too.


Wave the rattle of remembrance. Restore the lives you stole, the hurt, the pain. Let old horrors stain your fading cheeks.

My head rolls
A Merciful Injustice
The executioner’s blade drops
Freeing me from torment.
Pain’s prejudice falls on his head now.

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