Always swirls just out of reach

Always swirls just out of reach
Like the happily ever after
Disney promised
there’s no prince charming
No crown for this princess.

Summer lips shimmer
Glossy hair bounces
toes dig into warm sand
The sun smiles on bikini clad hips
Rolling with the waves

Pretty little liars
With plastic smiles
Operate pretty hate machines making all pretty
Put the scalpel down
I’d rather be unique.

A soldier’s silence hides a heart with shrapnel scars, stitched together by brotherhood.

Her gunslinger smile kept his eyes focused on her trigger finger
He never saw the stiletto sheathed in her eye til she stabbed him

She’s broken but not shattered
He’s dead but not yet departed
Together they search for what each lost & find something more.

I splash you in dreams
Swim with you under crystal clear alien skies.
Then wake to gray skies on a dystopian world waiting for you.

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