A bewitching dance from beaker to flame

From Vertical to the Vertigo stagger
tripping from the optical Illusion
Real 3-D, virtual reality
messing with my light head.


A bewitching dance
from beaker to flame
steady hands tame
the philosophers’ stone
turn lead to gold
as Hypatia foretold

Lady of the House
Daughter of Nut & Geb,
spread your falcon wings
protect us as we descend into death
& ascend to rebirth.

Death’s web catches all
souls spider up the silk strands
spinnerets spitting

Filaments crisscross
the starry night catching ghosts
earth’s not theirs to roam

Trapped in a glass tube
sleep comes, carries her away
to another world

frightened colonist
an alien world awaits
the skill of your hands

true beauty is embracing your scars
washing away society’s filth
to reveal that inner fire
life’s woes could not extinguish
shine on

#botaiku #classywrite
Unwind at a warm reception,
listen to the sweetest sound–
a young girl laughing.

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