Promise me…

“Promise me you’ll come back, Papa.”
His son would ask for the one promise he couldn’t make w/out modifying.

The More Epic V

How can you countenance failure wen it means the end of the world as we know it?

#haikuthrowdown #mdspoemaday4 use glass animals stare
The shopkeeper hums a tune
His hand guides the cloth

Her mission done
The steel rose fell
A jewel spiraled down
2 a photohraphic finish
4 her storied carrier
Protecting our skies

A team of professional liars
is earth’s only hope
Can they swindle aliens out of destroying our world or are we doomed?

Traveling faster than lightspeed warps the space time continuum & it’s down right strange. You end up leaving your atoms behind

Ah those nights spent spinning in the summer rain. Our toes tangled in wet grass as rain washed sweat away purifying our love.

You were once mine
Now you belong to the sweet babe cuddling you.
Don’t give me that look.
You’re his bear now.

I missed you before I knew who you really were. Now the paparazzi shadow my every step. Why didn’t you tell me you were famous

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