Introducing The More Epic V

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Start No Fires. Carry No Weapons. Do No Harm

Those three rules safeguarded countless generations of travelers through the enchanted forest—until they didn’t.  One boy’s murder ripped open a gateway allowing evil to enter. Now no one is safe from corruption.

Enchanted trees take Sarn to where the forest failed to uphold its rules.  Seeing a dead child gifted with the same magic as his son unhinges Sarn. He vows to find out the truth no matter what the cost.  But his gift is untrained.

Finding answers won’t be easy.  Sarn must balance nights serving the Rangers with days dedicated to hiding his son from the dark forces stalking them both. When Sarn’s masters demand he abandon the quest, he faces an impossible choice—doom the ghost whose murder endangers them all or die from the backlash of breaking his word.  With the odds stacked against him, can Sarn fix anything or will all be lost?

In a country where magic is illegal, an untrained mage is their only hope. Dive in now! 

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Did we mention it’s more epic than the Original Version? Because it so is.

Why write a ‘More Epic Version?’ 

 Who are we and why are we offering a FREE preview? 

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