Secret Worlds for Sale

Hi Readers!

We’re selling off some *secret* worlds. Why are we doing this? Because we’re that awesome. We only need one secret world. So this Labor Day weekend…

unnamed (1)

….Unlock Secret Worlds and take them home with you! Fantasy. Science Fiction. Horror. 100 books all 99 cents each from Sept. 2-3. Stock up for fall.


Over 100 free novels, previews, short stories or more for the cash-strapped reader. Get lost today! CBD-FPOpreview

Get Enchanted for free then go Darker with us in a special preview of Curse Breaker: Darkens.

Until next time, dear reader

Stay tuned for more magic, mayhem and epic adventures! We have to go save our scribe. She is in trouble. No, it’s not dragons this time. Details to come! Stay tuned.

— Ran, Son of Sarn

“Seller of Secret Worlds”

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