We’re Smashing up Smashwords

Hi Readers!

We’re smashing ‘Smashwords.’ Yes, we had to go there. Oh come on, they were asking for it! As if we could resist, you know better than to expect that. We are fictional, after all. We have to smash Smashwords. It’s a requirement, or it should be. We do specialize in magical mayhem and out-of-book shenanigans. 😉

Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Version], of course, is now on ‘Smashwords!’ We should now be everywhere you shop for books. Let us know if we’re not!

Help us conquer Smashwords. The Queen of All Trees will thank you! And don’t tell our scribe we did this. She doesn’t know we published our book all over the place while she was gone.

Smashwords – Curse Breaker Enchanted The More Epic Version – a book by Melinda Kucsera

Help us celebrate by telling your friends about us and by decoding the whereabouts of our author from the puzzling clues her captors left. Get free gifts for playing! Get All the details here.

We also teamed up with a fun bunch of authors to give away a $210 Amazon gift card. Go here to enter.

Until next time, dear reader

Stay tuned for more magic, mayhem and epic adventures!

Ran, Son of Sarn

“Invader of eBook Readers”

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