Help us defeat the Guardian at the Gates!

Help! We found the gateway, but it’s guarded by a scary monster. Go to Our second book, Curse Breaker: Darkens, holds the key to defeating this foe. Use the book blurb to help unscramble the riddle.

In a land where M_G_C  is their  _N_Y  _O_E,  can a M_N  of   F_I_H    T_I_M_H?

G_d’s never had a   _A_R_O_   quite like  J_R_O  on his side.

The life of his W_R_  hangs in the B_L_N_E.   One wrong move and the young man God asked him to protect will end up a  M_N_L_s_    A_T_M_T_N, or worse, D_A_.

Help us save my Papa! Comment here: with the answer to the riddle to be entered into our giveaway for Curse Breaker: Darkens.

— Ran, Son of Sarn, “The Fleeing Character”